Fine Art Scanning

Colourgenics' fine art scanning services makes any artist or photographer's transition into the digital age a breeze. Whether you would like to digitize your portfolio of original paintings or create digital copies of your film images, we've got the best arsenal of scanners to help.

UBERSCAN by Colourgenics

Cruse Synchron ST FA 285


Recognized in the industry as the "Rolls-Royce" of scanners, our Uberscan on the Cruse Synchron ST FA 285 scanner is best suited for high-resolution reproductions. The only scanner in its class in Ontario, we can scan 3D objects, textiles, and framed art up to 90" x 60" with all textures and brush strokes intact. Our Uberscan takes on large format scanning and copying with ease.

The quality from this scanner is so good, even the Guggenheim uses it. Learn more

Film Scanning

Imacon Flextight Film Scanner

Our most popular scan for film transparencies or negatives up to 4” x 5”, the Imacon’s ingenious flex technology captures the details from your film with outstanding resolution and precision. The perfect tool for bringing your film images into your digital workspace.

Noritsu Film Scans

For a cost effective solution in film scanning specifically for web usage, we offer the Noritsu Film Scanner for 35mm and 120 formats in transparencies/slides or negatives. Scans can be uncut rolls, cut strips or individual frames.

Heidelberg Topaz Scanner

The Topaz delivers high-resolution scans on reflective originals up to 12" x 18".

Screen 1045 Ai Drum Scanner

For the utmost quality in transparency scanning, this drum scanner offers a maximum optical resolution up to 8000 ppi and size up to 11” x 14”.

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