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We use a multitude of materials, substrates, and methods to prepare your piece for the spotlight. Thirty years of experience has led us to boast the cleanest and most accurate mounting and laminating services in the Toronto and the GTA.

All finishing, mounting and framing services are offered exclusively for prints made at Colourgenics.
Consultation, as always, is free.


We offer an array of lamination options; needs are assessed upon consultation – please contact us for information.

Mounting & Facemounting

Our flush or float mounting options include:

Most materials come in black or white options, in maximum sizes ranging from 48" x 72" to 60" x 120" depending on the material. Other colours, thicknesses and dimensions may be available by special order.

Plexiglas™ with Dibond

We are proud to offer facemounting to Plexiglas™ with Dibond backing and custom aluminum back frames, which protect pieces from warping and allow for easy installation. They offer a clean and modern way to present your artwork, with the back frame serving as a spacer between the image and the wall; thus giving the impression of artwork hanging in the air.

Full aluminum tube-frames and cross braces may be recommended for large pieces, and less costly aluminum U-channels are available for smaller-sized works. Standard FF grade Plexiglas™ is normally used, and Conservation grade (OP3) material is available by special order.

TruLife® Acrylic

TruLife® Acrylic is the best available for facemounting, giving your work the highest-resolution viewing experience possible. TruLife® gives artists:


A selection of simple and elegant frame moldings is now in stock for your custom framing needs. Together with custom cut mats, our on-site framing service uses only premium materials and high production standards for building frames up to 32” x 40" in size.

Upgrading to conservation standards is also possible upon consultation.

We also have a variety of economical, high quality ready-made frames for standard size photographs.

Canvas Stretching

We stretch canvas prints on standard (0.75") or gallery (1.50") profiles, with even-sized dimensions (20”, 24”, 26”, etc).


Upon request, Colourgenics can arrange to safely and securely ship your work across Canada or internationally. In addition to any specialty packaging and shipping costs, a handling fee may be applied.

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